Custom Race Headers
When off the shelf products just don't cut it, come to RPM and have our team build them from scratch. We've built custom headers for almost every application you can imagine. We build our headers with merge collectors, CNC milled flanges and equal length primary tubes.

Merge Collectors
Quality craftsmanship is our top priority and it shows in our attention to detail. Our custom built merge collectors eliminate dead space where the pipes join which helps maintain a more even flow through the rest of the exhaust system. Your custom headers are precision built from start to finish.

CNC Milled Flanges
Our CNC Milled flanges are precision milled for a perfect fit. The CNC mill process is superior because the flange is not heated or pressurized which can warp the material and create a poor seal with head. Every RPM Race Header is fabricated with superior parts.

Equal Length Tubes
Equal length primary tubes are essential for a performance tuned exhaust. As cylinders are sequentially firing off its important that that the pulses created move through the system with the right timing.

Brand Name Headers
When it comes to performance and sound quality there's nothing that compares to a good set of headers. At RPM we carry a header for almost every vehicle from top brands like Doug Thorley, JBA and Gibson. Adding a set of headers will not only make your engine sound stronger but perform stronger. Many customers experience up to a 25 hp gain after our expert exhaust technicians are done with the job.

Top Brands
At RPM we're serious about exhaust and our products reflect that. With top brands like Thorley, JBA and Gibson, you know your getting a product that has been tested and proven. When performance matters have one of our expert installers install some headers on your car or truck.

Check out our Photo Gallery
Click the photos below to check out our photo gallery. It's packed with custom headers and customers cars we've worked on.